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Smart Alerts

Smart Alerts is our AI based deal alert feature which emails you when a deal matches what you are interested in

Here’s how it works

  • Go to the Smart Alerts page
  • Login with Google (for verifying email address)
  • Tell us what you are interested in. It can be something simple like “I am looking for kitchen products” or as complex as “I am looking to buy lego products, pc parts, and grocery items. I am on a budget so the lego products should be less than $50. I don’t have costco membership. I don’t like Acer products so don’t suggest those”. This is just an example. You can go to as much detail as you want. The more details you mention the better it will perform
  • Once you tell us what you want, we will use GPT 4 to send you an email when a deal matches your preferences.

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Smart Alerts
Smart Alerts
* If you purchase something through a post on our site, lp.deals may get a small share of the sale.

  1. looks interesting ,I will definitely try

  2. This has a lot of promise. I love it!

  3. Damn good joe.Can we also make a price point request e.g if a certain product/video game drops below £30 does it also work in this case ??

    • Yes. So basically we provide GPT-4 the details of the deal and what your requirements are (for every single deal we post) and then we send an email when a deal matches your requirements. You can say something like “I like ps5 games under $10”. Or maybe “I want to buy Baldur’s gate for under $40”. The more details you go into the better it works.

      We are using GPT-4 right now but are planning to switch to Google Gemini as soon as the API releases. From our experiments Gemini works even better for our use case.

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